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'[ot] Need low power comparator in SOT-23-5 package'
1999\10\16@002340 by William K. Borsum

Hi All:

Just ran into a snafu with one of our pic based loggers--had specified a
National LMC7225IM micro-power comparator (open drain output) in a SOT-23-5
package, and all my normal vendors are saying buy a reel of 1000 and wait
8-12 weeks.  I need TWENTY as soon as I can get them--or a pin for pin
equivalent--or another solution to drop into the existing hardware for low
battery detection.

I had tried a Telcom TC54VN (a three pin 2.7 volt voltage detector), but
the input impedance is way too low--I need to run 100uA though the input
divider just to keep the thing from oscillating--and this almost triples my
overall power draw for the whole logger.

Key requirements are:  really low power, SOT-23-5 compatible or easily
kludgeable in the available space--and no re-design of the PCB's.  Input is
6 to 15 volts DC, with the desired trip point at 6.1 volts. Open drain
output is not mandatory.

Anyone have any ideas?


William K. Borsum, P.E. -- OEM Dataloggers and Instrumentation Systems
<> & <>San Diego, California, USA

1999\10\17@183710 by Dennis Plunkett

At 21:18 15/10/99 -0700, you wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Low power comps eh,
Well both you and Andy can take a look at the Sieko ones SOT 23 package.
Nominaly used for reset control, but are just a comp nothing else (Needs a
Cap for reset control) Simple and CHEAP!


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