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'[ot] IBM chip 250 times faster'
2006\06\21@023306 by Roy


New Chip 250 Times Faster
Students from Korea University and Georgia Tech, as well as researchers
from IBM have developed a silicon-based chip setting a new speed record,
capable of running at 500GHz cooled with liquid helium and 350GHz at
room temperature.    
Professor John Cressler of Georgia Tech, who participated in the
research, said the chips use a blend of germanium and silicon, which are
capable of being produced commercially using already-existing chip
manufacturing technology.  
He says simulations show that the new technology could approach speeds
at room temperature approaching 1THz. He adds that the research
"redefines the upper bounds of what is possible using silicon-germanium
nanotechnology techniques."


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Roy Hopkins
New Zealand

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