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'[ot] : trailer wiring device'
2001\02\21@135828 by rad0

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another off topic, but I was thinking of using a pic to build
a better mousetrap...

I just installed a trailer wiring plug on my vehicle
so that a trailer could be plugged into it for towing.

This device is supposed to provide power from the
battery for the trailer lights, so that no stress is put on
the tow vehicles own lights.

Well, in my case, the tail/marker light circuit failed, but
everything else worked.

I want to know how this thing works, is it using a relay(solid state) to
connect the  battery to whatever is needed, blinker, tail etc...?

Or what?

My question is, does anyone have a schematic for one of these
systems?  Thanks.

Second, I was told that if the ground on the trailer was poor or  bad,
it would blow the diodes in the device, why does this happen?


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