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'[ot]: windows XP, what is TRd ww ??'
2002\08\12@170846 by rad0

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Using windows XP now, and when I shutdown the computer, I
always get a message that program or process, I'm not sure which it
is, --is not responding, and I have to choose 'end now' to finish the
shutdown process...

anyone know what this is? TRd ww

what is it doing, what's it for?

and how to deal with it, so it doesn't always turn the shutdown
process into a modal operation....

thanks in advance

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2002\08\12@194408 by cdb

I assume that TRd ww is the name that comes up as the errant program.

First is this a program that you physically start? If not then it is
a background process, and you have two choices, hunt down the
offending program or use the XP repair option.

Has this suddenly started happening, and if so, have you recently
installed any AntiVirus  (especially Nortons), FireWall,
Scanner/Imaging Software, shareware such as anti popup,registry
cleaners,spam blockers or loaded on an ISPs CD for Internet

Generally speaking most programs that run in the background can be
found by running MSCONFIG and looking at the STARTUP tab and you can
untick the program if it appears in the list, if it isn't in the list
then it could be in the compiled boot file which is a bit more of a
problem. However either you have installed a program that 'disagrees'
with this program or it or Windows has become corrupted.

Don't try loading Windows over the top of itself it almost certainly
won't solve the problem and could trigger more.

If you want to email me off list feel free, there are also  MS
newsgroups for XP off the MS site.


cdb, on 13/08/2002

-- hint: The PICList is archived three different
ways.  See for details.

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