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'[ot]: Need help setting up a linksys wi fi thru a '
2002\08\19@130507 by rad0

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thanks in advance

I'm relatively new to the wi fi, although I have set it up and
gotten it to work with a dsl using pppoe

the cable modem is new to me, and I want to hook up the wireless
to it.

First is it possible?

Second, what kind of connection will I use for the cable modem??

I watched the cable guy first register the cable modem, then it seems like
all he
did after that was change my home page?

I cannot see any place on the linksys page, to insert the proxy
or where to connect to the registration web page...???

any clues or help appreciated

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2002\08\19@220305 by M. Adam Davis

The cable modem connects to your computer through either ethernet or USB.

Either way the computer is on the internet now, right?

Now you hook up an 802.11b wireless adaptor to the computer (either PCI
or USB) and set it up in ad-hoc (peer to peer, non-infrastructure, etc)

Then you use internet connection sharing software to share the existing
cable modem connection to the wireless connection.

If you are using windows 98 second edition, ME, 2000, or XP the network
setup wizard should be able to do all this for you fairly easily.

If you're using another OS then it is still possible and probably easy,
but you'll need to supply us with more information.

Alternately you can go to your local computer store and purchase a $150
broadband router with 802.11b access point and follow the instrustions
than come in the box.  This is much easier, but more expensive.

Hope this helps!


rad0 wrote:

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2002\08\19@224202 by rad0

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it's working!!!


I'm using the linksys befw11s4 wireless router - access point, all I did was
reset it, and it seemed to configure itself, I did enter the MAC address

I added WEP encryption, and changed the default password, and renamed the
but it seems that there is activity on the modem and the wireless router,
even when my
computer is off, completely powered off.  Is this normal? or has someone
gained access
already and is making use of my bandwidth?

thanks in advance

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2002\08\19@225252 by M. Adam Davis

The cable modem has an IP address and whether you advertise it or not
there is typically some activity that occurs between it and other hosts
for various innocuous reasons.

Secondly, if your computer is off there's not too many usefull things a
hacker could do with your router and cable modem.

Thirdly, even with WEP it's not difficult to obtain the key and use the
wireless network in a few hours worth of packet sniffing over the air.

But it's probably not worth worrying too much about.  Keep a good virus
scanner updated on your system, don't trust software from strange web
sites, and use a firewall set to it's maximum setting (since you don't
seem to have a lot of knowledge in this area)


rad0 wrote:

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