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'[avr]: Avr studio 3.2'
2001\04\22@060747 by John Samperi

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I send this mail to another list, so far not much response.
Perhaps someone can help here. Thanks.

G'day all

I have installed AVR 3.2 and tried to open a previous AVR Studio 3.0
project file.
Results ? A BLANK error message screen! Great help!
It seems to work only with Vers. 3.2  *.APR files.
Fortunately I only had a test file that I was trying out,
otherwise I could get very annoyed if I would have to redo
a lot of project files. Any comments?

Second point. Has anyone tried to open any of the application
*.asm files on the CD? Both with 3.0 and 3.2 I seem to get
a ten mile long, single line file. (OK I'm exaggerating, it's only
5 miles long), obviously no carriage returns in the file. I have
tried to look for some options that would turn the editor into
a usable tool for editing the files, but no cigar so far. Any
help? I have to open the file(s) with M$ Word as a text
file and then save it as text with carriage return, before it
is of any use in the Studio software.

I would expect that someone would test the software
BEFORE sending it out, and make sure that one could
open the demo/applications files with the tools is being
supplied. After all Atmel is trying to lure new clients
with free software, NOT get them annoyed!


John Samperi

                               Ampertronics Pty. Ltd.
              11 Brokenwood Place Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
                Tel. (02) 9674-6495       Fax (02) 9674-8745
* Electronic Design   * Technical Services   * Contract Assembly

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