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'[as twice as] [OT] Asian Companies - was PICLIST D'
2000\01\25@191159 by Dmitry Kiryashov

Hi Alan.

Actually Sean outlined a little different thing I guess.
It doesn't mean that he is racist. It's just such kind
of humor.

Please explain me situation. You asking newspaper man
about what papers he has for today. What is your action
after you've asked twice or trice or more but that man
continue to ignore you ? ;-) He hasn't ever tried to
say anything to answer you ;-)

I guess you'll think is that guy smart or what ? ;-)
It doesn't depend from nationality. It is just human

It is my real experience writing email papers to many
eastern electronic companies. I understand that I'm
not a big customer just embedded design consultant
and can't eat 100k chips every months.

I guess they doing it wrongly. Because I'll never advice
my customers to produce anything if I can't be 200% sure
that they will have no problem in future with component

WBR Dmitry.

Aldaba wrote:
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2000\01\25@192418 by Sean Breheny

face picon face
Thanks for the support, Dmitry.

However, as I tried to say to Alan before, I have absolutely nothing
against ANY group of people in general. Many of my friends here at
university are Asian.

Honestly, my use of the word "Now" was, as I explained before, emphasis,
and not referring to time. I will, however, be more careful about my use of
it in the future.

I am not even angry at the Asian companies who make poor documentation. It
is often frustrating, and I think they are making a marketing mistake, but
who am I to judge? I only wrote my email because I didn't quite understand
what Tom was saying to begin with, and wanted to start a discussion about
this topic.


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