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PICList Thread
'[admin] Re: PICList content not as bad as it appea'
1999\10\12@142956 by William K. Borsum

If the list manager supports requiring something in brackets or the mail
gets rejected, I have absolutely NO problems supporting its use.  Just need
to regularly publish guidelines for the newbies and for the regulars who
forget--I just found out about the suggested use of [admin] for list
management comments such as this.  When I signed on, there was NO
information provided on suggested list usage--just sort of had to figure
out things as I went along.

Obvious problem are people who won't use the key words in brackets
according to the guideline conventions--

I would like to chat with Mark or Jory a bit about this off-list if
possible--con su permisso.


At 10:52 AM 10/12/99 -0300, you wrote:
>I like this. You have to FORCE people into using proper categories markers
>in the subject line. Only tell us WHEN this starts working...
>Andres Tarzia
>Technology Consultant, SMART S.A.
>{Original Message removed}

1999\10\12@184637 by Simon Redwood

picon face
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Kelly wrote:

{Quote hidden}

Yeah fine, I have no problems with using the 'guideline conventions' if I
knew what they were that is.  I'm pretty new to the list, and have really
only noticed OT - which I presume if "OFF-TOPIC"

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