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'[ad]: items I can supply'
2000\12\15@230050 by Peter Crowcroft

1. alot of interest lately in MK484 radio IC. I can supply at

1-9 pcs $0.75
10 - 100  $0.50
100-1K   $0.30

Spec at

2. LCD 2x16, no b/l, Truly brand, specs on my website at

100 pieces special offer  $3.40 each  plus postage and bank charges if
applicable. New from factory. I am overstocked so I want to offload some.

3. PIC Programmers using the software of Bojan Dobaj at

See there for a list of the ICs they will program.

Bojan has actively supported and enhanced his software over the last two
years. He does the software. I supply the hardware. Many cheap / no cost
PIC programmers have come and gone over that time. You get what you pay for.

3.1 K96 $25. P16PRO. Register for software $20) after 21 days trial. See

Price $US25 includes all parts, PCB and airmail postage.

3.2 K117  PICALL. See

Price $US85 includes all parts, PCB and airmail registered postage.

Postage (your choice of how to send to you

Peter Crowcroft
           DIY Electronics (HK) Ltd
     PO Box 88458, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
Voice: 852-2720 0255   Fax: 852-2725 0610
Web:     Email:
   Number One in Electronic Kits Worldwide

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