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'[Tech] Laptop DNS issue'
2010\01\21@151049 by Richard Prosser

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Just wondering if anyone can illuminate me.

We have just bought my daughter a Sony Vaio laptop. Comes complete
with windows7 and IE etc. etc.

Now all went well at first but then I got the complaint that she
couldn't access a particular website <>. No message, just
a long load time and then timeout.

So I try on my laptop and it works fine. I try pinging the site on my
daughters machine & the IP address returns OK - so DNS is working OK!

Tried using the raw IP addresses. No Go.

I try my sons laptop and my desktop all OK, but my daughters is
definitely not getting it. Maybe an activeX / security issue -
apparently not after disabling most of the protection.

Maybe an IE issue - so downloaded Firefox. Nope. Still no go.

Eventually I tried changing the DNS servers anyway. Still No go.

Then I added the OpenDNS servers to the DNS list and everthing came
right - until the next day when it failed again. So this time I moved
the OpenDNS servers to the top of the list and, again it worked - &
apparently still is.

Now Why did the correct IP address get resolved by the ping, but not
the browser - some sort of redirect? And why did I have to add
additional DNS servers to get it work at all?

My system here uses a router/ADSL modem that is normally setup as the
primary DNS server and which itself has my ISP's DNS servers for
lookup. And I can't change this - the firmware has it locked in. So
I've set up my machines to at least use one different DNS as well. But
my son's laptop will just be using the standard setup - and that
worked OK.

Note: OpenDNS was the only server that worked. The new google servers
also failed.

Thanks, Any understanding would be appreciated in case I get a repeat.

Richard Prosser

2010\01\21@154932 by Tamas Rudnai

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So as I understood when you do an nslookup on a particular URL then it
returns with the *correct* IP? But when doing that so with any
browser, then it goes somewhere else? What does ipconfig /all says?
(is the DNS server correct?) Do you have a proxy set up in your
browser? Do you have any plug-in / add-on / toolbar installed? Could
you download the HTML with wget or curl or even with google chrome?


On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 8:10 PM, Richard Prosser <> wrote:
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> -

2010\01\21@161228 by Carl Denk

Firewall issue?? Either an IP blocked, or program blocked. Check the
laptop firewall log. Clear it, try to connect and see if an error
message appears in the log. Are you pinging the IP name and numerical
address, are both successful? With zonealarm (others similar), you may
block, allow, or ask the question to allow for both internet and trusted
zones, access and server. If I question whether a program should be
which, generally I will use "?" and then it pops up and asks, and I can
make a decision then, including to allow one time access.

Tamas Rudnai wrote:
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>> --

2010\01\21@161530 by Carl Denk

Parental control? I just clicked on the link, hough I didn't see
anything objectionable to me, it could be that for whatever reason there
is some limits being enforced somewhere (IP and laptop address). ~)

Tamas Rudnai wrote:
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>> --

2010\01\21@200843 by William \Chops\ Westfield

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On Jan 21, 2010, at 1:14 PM, Carl Denk wrote:

> Parental control?

That would be my guess.  My daughter's new windows-7 system seemed to  
"helpfully" turn on parental controls based on the age data she  
entered, all automatically.

No doubt might have inappropriate tittilating details on x-
rated movies as well as disney?


2010\01\22@010544 by Richard Prosser

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Thanks to everyone for all the input. If the problem resurfaces I'll
have a number of new things to check.

The chance of me getting to check it unless something happens is
pretty remote as I'm generally only allowed to touch faulty gear.
Otherwise I have  a completely undeserved reputation for breaking


2010/1/22 William "Chops" Westfield <>:
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2010\01\22@104902 by sergio masci


On Fri, 22 Jan 2010, Richard Prosser wrote:

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When a web server (such as apache) is servicing multiple web sites on the
same machine (virtual servers) it needs to be able to differentiate
between requests intended for each of the different sites (and pages or
course). For this to work the browser needs to tell the server which site
and page it is looking at. The browser does this behind your back. It
tells the server which web site it is looking at. The browser does not
simply connect to an IP address and ask for a specific page (as FTP does).
The browser sends the server the complete URL of what it is looking for.
Simply using a raw IP address followed by the name of a page will OFTEN
NOT WORK especially with ISPs that host multiple (virtual) servers.

> And why did I have to add
> additional DNS servers to get it work at all?

My (educated) guess, broken DNS server. Wait a few days and try again
(without your OpenDNS).

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Sergio Masci

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