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'[TECH]Thermovoltaics, bendy LEDS, vehicle combusti'
2011\08\12@071550 by cdb

This weeks snippets from Elektor weekly.

Using established ideas of making electricity from heat based sources, this differs in that the coating of the cells is fine tuned to only convert heat into wavelengths most useful to photovoltiac diodes.

Using your phones LCD to recycle energy back into the battery.

Using bendy polymers for LED's

"Researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have demonstrated for the first time an intrinsically stretchable polymer light-emitting device. They developed a simple process to fabricate the transparent devices using single-walled carbon nanotube polymer composite electrodes. The interpenetrating networks of nanotubes and the polymer matrix in the surface layer of the composites lead to low sheet resistance, high transparency, high compliance and low surface roughness.

The metal-free devices can be linearly stretched up to 45 percent and the composite electrodes can be reversibly stretched by up to 50 percent with little change in sheet resistance.

Because the devices are fabricated by roll lamination of two composite electrodes that sandwich an emissive polymer layer, they uniquely combine mechanical robustness and the ability for large-strain deformation, due to the shape-memory property of the composite electrodes. This development will provide a new direction for the field of stretchable electronics.

The authors of the project are UCLA postdoctoral fellow Zhibin Yu, UCLA professor of materials science and engineering Qibing Pei, Xiaofan Niu and Zhitian Liu. The research was supported by the National Science Foundation, and recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Advanced Materials"  (needs membership) :(

If that bores you, then the sex life of Abalone on the same news page will definitely send you to sleep.

Using a laser instead of spark plugs.

cdb,   3/07/2009

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