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'[TECH] archive not working'
2010\09\21@153404 by Nicola Perotto

picon face
 Hi all,
I just noted this message at
>   List Post Browser
> / NOTE: The archive is back up, however:
> A) Posts not archived since 2010/07/16. If you know EWS 2k7 scripting on M$
> platforms, please consider offering to help
> <> get
> the flow restarted.
> B) No full text search. If you know how to script web access to Content Index,
> please consider offering to help
> <>. /
maybe someone can help!

2010\09\21@162630 by James Newton

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If the archive were working, you would know that we have been talking about
this for some time and help was offered and a solution is in work.
Thanks for caring.

James Newton
{Original Message removed}

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