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'[TECH] Yet another annoying computer admin questio'
2009\04\06@071644 by olin piclist

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Subject added, was originally missing (duh).

Master Yager wrote:
> Hi, I need to swap out a hard drive in a mini laptop.
> ... blah, blah, blah ...

I know TECH is supposed to be for general technology, and therefore this may
be strictly speaking within the rules, but surely there are appropriate
places to ask computer administration questions where people actually want
to talk about this drivel.  Am I the only one getting fed up with all this
nonsense about which Linux distro is better than which other this week, how
Microsoft is to blame for the rise of communism early last century, or what
Ctrl-Alt-#%*&! does in WordBarf 0.03 during a full moon while you're picking
your nose?

This is the *PIC* list.  TECH was added because some folks wanted to talk
about technology-related stuff like how exhaling causes global warming or
how much the recession is effecting the sun spot cycle.  I don't think the
intent was that it be taken over as a computer system administration help
desk.  Again, aren't there appropriate places for this sort of stuff?

> From the Computer of the IMPERIAL WIZARD

Then go ask him.  It's his computer.  Surely a imperial wizard doesn't need
to ask here.

Embed Inc, Littleton Massachusetts,
(978) 742-9014.  Gold level PIC consultants since 2000.

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