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'[TECH] New battery design from MIT - higher densit'
2011\06\17@074447 by cdb

This appeared in the Elektor news letter.

The battery uses what MIT are calling a semi-solid flow cell


In this design, the battery’s active components — the positive and negative
electrodes, or cathodes and anodes — are composed of particles suspended in
a liquid electrolyte. These two different suspensions are pumped through
systems separated by a filter, such as a thin porous membrane.

They say the technology increases the battery energy density by 10 allowing
smaller and lighter (weight) batteries for a given energy capacity.

To work the solid in suspension electroylyte has to be pumped from one
terminal to the other, I'm a little puzzled how this pumping action is,
well, powered.

Full article here -


cdb,   3/07/2009


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