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'[TECH] Isolated High Speed USB'
2012\01\18@090613 by Matt Bennett

The Real Ice has an isolator available to allow you to debug something
directly connected to AC- great, but as described on the isolator only works on parts that don't
require a programming voltage on VPP (basically, just PIC24, dsPIC33, and
PIC32).  An alternative would be to use an isolated USB setup. I see a
number of isolators ( for example), but
virtually everything is Low and Full speed only- the RealIce is High
speed.  I realize I could step back to a Full speed device like a PICKIT3,
but I'm interested in using the debug capabilites of the RealIce.

I did see at least one high speed isolator (or isolated hub), though I
can't seem to find it right now, but anyway, it was very, very, expensive.

Has anyone found/used an Isolated High Speed USB hub (or just an isolator)?


Matt Bennett
Just outside of Austin, TX

The views I express are my own, not that of my employer, a large
multinational corporation that you are familiar with

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