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'[TECH] Drawing tool (aka CAD)fordoing productdrawi'
2010\04\02@152424 by Vitaliy

Carl Denk wrote:
> That's what I was getting at, once it's raster, including PDF, you can
> view it.but that's all!

PDF is technically not a raster. We routinely edit technical drawings in PDF
format using Adobe Illustrator (also possible with Corel, but you have to
jump through more hoops).

> Most of the time DWG is the usual transmitted format for a file. DXF is
> exported generally for importing to a different package. A common, would
> be from the Structural Engineer that selected sizes, dimensions, and
> then the steel detailer (makes individual piece drawings) uses an
> automated package to generate those detail drawings. If one wanted the
> DXF, generally that would be a special request.

I think we went off on a tangent. Forrest said:

> I'm again trying to get to the point of being able to produce some
> decent product drawings for manuals and the like....
> I'd really like to be able to import/use the 2D/3D cad drawings
> available from most of my suppliers in either .dwg, .dxf or .pdf to
> produce a 'real' line or possibly 3d-shaded drawings of the products,
> and then be able to show wiring options.

Forrest -- how do you want to save the images, after you are done editing
them? Lately I've grown partial to WMF, since it is importable into most
anything, including MS Word.


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