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'[TECH] Don't be blue'
2009\11\17@222754 by Russell McMahon

face picon face
> The world's bluest pigment     Bluier then blue

It's not possible to be bluer than blue. But bluier maybe.
Starting at white (or any other colour "point" except blue) you can
'move' (spectrally speaking) towards blue. After arriving AT blue you
can continue moving in the same direction, which is not bluer, but
mayhaps is bluier.

If this confuses you Gargoyle for CIE1931, and you can be sure to end
up even more confused.


2009\11\18@203942 by YES NOPE9

Okay   in a short while due to fading of other blues
         "it" will be bluier than blue .....
As I understand it even a wavelength of 460 nanometers gets
 "tired" as it travels thru COSMOS (tm) and ends up looking
decidedly "peak...ed"

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