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'[TECH]:: NASA Phoenix Mars lander 360 degree panor'
2008\08\06@192848 by Apptech

NASA says ...

   " Phoenix Looks Around
Combining more than 400 images, NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander
views its surroundings in the Red Planet's northernmost

The full-circle panorama in approximately true color shows
the polygonal patterning of ground at the landing area,
similar to patterns in permafrost areas on Earth. South is
toward the top. Trenches, where Phoenix's robotic arm has
been exposing subsurface material, are visible in the lower
half of the image. The spacecraft's meteorology mast, topped
by the telltale wind gauge, extends into the sky portion of
the panorama.

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/Texas
A&M University


Even the 946 x 710 smaller image is worth seeing

435 kB photo and text

Full size image (8MB, 27 MP)



Apparently, Spring hasn't arrived yet.



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