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'[TECH]:: NASA - Amazon outflow found to capture CO'
2008\08\01@021148 by Apptech

July 23, 2008

   " Nutrients washed out of the Amazon River are powering
huge amounts of previously unexpected plant life far out to
sea, thus trapping atmospheric carbon dioxide, according to
a new study.

Until now, the areas around the Amazon and other great
rivers had been thought to be emitting CO2, so the study may
affect climate scientists' calculations of how the
greenhouse gas acts.

The study appears in this week's Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences.
"This new understanding allows us to better think about how
carbon dioxide is cycled between the atmosphere and the
oceans, and how this might change in the future," said lead
author Ajit Subramaniam, a biological oceanographer at
Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.
Lamont is part of The Earth Institute.

... "



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