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'[TECH]:: First NZ attempted "Space" launch'
2009\11\21@025744 by Russell McMahon

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Nitrous Oxide Hybrid "Sounding Rocket" aimed at reacing 120 km.
Bid for 100g payload rights and right to attend the launch. Auction closes
in 23 hours.
To be launched from less than
Yes, this is genuine.
Launches on November 30th

General experience to date is that this feat is MUCH harder to achieve on
first or early attempts than might appear likely.

They are real enough that they have a chance of success, but they would be
doing immensely well to succeed of their first attempt.

Winning bid gets to see your payload almost guaranteed to be launched and
returned to earth.
Where it goes in between and whether you get it back in one, or many pieces
or at all would be less certain.
I wish them luck, and hope they succeed.

Launching from Great Mercury Island.
The largest island here
Just to the East of the Coromandel Peninsula.
America's Cup aficionados may find the name strangely familiar.




Private New Zealand aerospace company Rocket Lab Limited ( is preparing to launch the Atea-1 sub-orbital rocket to
space on 30th November.

Rocket Lab is offering the public an opportunity to purchase payload
capacity and attend this historic launch as a VIP on the Great Mercury
Island launch site. The winning bidder will have the exclusive opportunity
to be a part of the maiden launch of the Atea-1 sub-orbital rocket, by being
a valued guest at the launch on Great Mercury Island, and also have their
personal payload sent into space and returned.

The maiden launch of Atea-1 will be the first privately constructed rocket
launched from the Southern Hemisphere to enter space.

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