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'[TECH]:: 10 people killed by new CJD-like disease'
2008\07\13@183554 by Apptech

This story appeared in a recent New Scientist.

Deaths are reported from a previously unknown form of CJD
(human version of prion disease, similar to and in some
cases linked to BSE "mad cow disease"). CJD infection, which
leads to dementia, is almost impossible to diagnose pre
death. Ongoing efforts are being made to diagnose and
prevent it.

Conclusions of source of the infection vary.
As some forms of CJD are "naturally occurring" and can run
in families this may be an entirely inherited genetic
The link below is one of several which report the story.
This one is notable in that the writer suggests alternative
sources. While he has a personal "axe to grind" (his mother
died from CJD) his points may be worthwhile.


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