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'[TECH]:: **** TSUNAMI WARNING **** - really - NZ -'
2011\07\06@162546 by RussellMc

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‎*** TSUNAMI WARNING *** New Zealand
This is genuine.
May not happen at all.
May be small if it does.
May be large.

TSUNAMI ARRIVAL TIMES - about 30 minutes from now.

8:52 East cape
8:54 North cape
8:59 Gisborne
10am Auckland East Coast

Caused by a 7:03am earthquake M7.8 (revised down to 7.6 so far) off
Kermadecs at 1km to 20 km deep (reports VERY varied on depth). Far
enough away from Kermadecs that no loss of life expected anywhere
(even if there was someone there :-) ).
DO NOT go to the beach.
I'll send photos :-) ...



2011\07\06@182723 by cdb


:: May not happen at all.

According to The Courier Mail, it was cancelled at 6:30am QLD time. Which was confusing when they then quoted the event as happening at 7:03 a case of pre-emptive deja vu until it became apparent they used NZ time interspersed with AEST.

cdb, on 7/07/2011
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