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'[SX] SX/B Editor Request - Color for Subroutines a'
2007\03\30@083556 by Sparks-R-Funn/a

In SX Microcontrollers, SX/B Compiler and SX-Key Tool, Sparks-R-Fun wrote:

While reading about the new SX/B format for subroutines and functions (I can hardly wait for the new version to come out!) I came across the line [CODE]FUNC MyFunc ' NOTICE NO color ":"[/CODE] which, of course, should read "NO colon" not "NO color."  That reminded me that while I really like the fact that the SX/B editor optionally highlights its own keywords in bold and/or in a different color I think it would be great to have this same feature for defined subroutines and functions.

  Is this something that could be added fairly easily?  I am not sure what would be involved.  Perhaps the highlighting would only be available once the program was compiled and thus parsed.  I think it would be a nice feature.

  - Sparks
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