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'[SX] Basic Stamp or SX (or both)?'
2005\08\30@172148 by Electronegativityn/a

In SX Microcontrollers, SX/B Compiler and SX-Key Tool, Electronegativity wrote:

It also depends what you want to use it for.
If I were teaching a class, or just wanted to build something and have it work, I would go with the Stamp.

Mostly I switched to SX because the stamp is too easy; you buy components, assemble them, and they work as expected.

The SX is more challenging, and gives me things to think about on my long commute to work.

Also I think that the difference in price is pretty irrelevant.
I am going to spend as much on toys as I can possibly get away with, so I won't really be saving any money either way.  ;-)
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