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'[SX]:SASM and include'
2002\08\05@044616 by ISO-8859-1?Q?Ruben_J=F6nsson?=


I have been using the Parallax IDE and assembler until now but as the new
IDE can use the SASM assembler, which amongst other things has the ability
to use the INCLUDE directive, I am trying to convert some projects to use
this assembler instead.

However, I have some problems.

If I define some variables in an include file (with equ or =) I have not
been able to use this variable in an expression in an IF directive (IF
<variable> != 0) in the main program. Is this correct? Shouldn't this be
possible? The variable can be used as a value to an instruction though (mov

Also, the assembler doesn't generate an error if I try to include a file
that doesn't exist.


Ruben Jvnsson
AB Liros Electronic
Box 9124, 200 39 Malmv, Sweden
TEL INT +46 40142078
FAX INT +46 40947388

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