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'[SX]:DJNZ cycles (sx28/sx52)'
2003\01\02@173357 by sebcath


I would like to know in the SX28 and 52 how much cycle uses
the djnz instruction.
I looked on the SX Instruction set table :

and it marked this :

  Instruction        cycles
  DJNZ fr,addr       2 *

but I does not understand what "2*" means.
I think that in reality DJNZ uses 5 cycles on a jump and if not 4.

could somebody give me the values exact ?
I cannot make real test, all that I does is theoretical.
and I would need some to write small a procedure of temporization.


Best regards,

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2003\01\02@184658 by pearl62

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DJNZ is a macro for the instructions,

JMP addr

So, 2 (1 for DEC, 1 for SKIP) or 4 (1 for DEC, 3 for JMP) cycles .

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