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'[SX]: Using Microchip's Floating Point Library wit'
2001\03\20@004930 by Thomas Robert de Massy

   I would like to know if someone has already used Microchip's IEEE 754
compliant Floating point library (AN575) in a SCENIX SX28AC ? what's the
best way to make the library SCENIX compatible ? I planned to convert
instruction by instruction to the SCENIX syntax, but I was wondering if
there's a program that can convert code from PIC to SX. Or could it be
possible to compile the library using a PIC assembler and get and object
file usable in a SCENIX program (since the SX is PIC instruction compatible)
Do you have any suggestion ? or an already converted library.

I also plan to use the Floating Point routines library.

Thanks in advance

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2001\03\20@235716 by Nikolai Golovchenko

Thomas, try this:

I haven't converted the floating point library, but it should be
possible. Also, keep in mind, that the library may have errors! For
example, some time ago we had discussion about errors in INT2416. The
corrected version can be found at (and discussion in

Check the license for MChip code. Some new application notes don't
allow the code use on other microcontrollers! :)

I wonder, is there a reason to use floating point at all? Fixed point
is easier and more efficient IMHO.

Hope it helps,

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