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'[SX]: Starting with Scenix'
2003\02\10@233754 by Josh Koffman

Hi all. I have been recently looking into the Scenix chips, and I'm
thinking about starting to experiment with them. For those curious, yes,
this is in relation to my PWM project. I've been browsing the
site, and now I have a few questions.

1) Is there any way to get samples of the SX chips? Does Ubicom have a
sample program, or one of the distributors?

2) I'm unsure how to go with a programmer. If I get heavy into the chips
I will likely spring for something like the SXkey so I end up with a
development environment and debugging. However, for starters I don't
really want to spend that kind of money. The homebuilt programmers
(particularly the Fluffy and its derivatives) look nice. I'd even
consider updating one to use a 16f628 and then releasing the code.
However, what do I use to actually code in? I believe the Fluffy comes
with an assembler, but I'd like to avoid coding in notepad or edit. Is
there one of the free or almost free programmers that comes with a
development environment? I'm not too concerned with simulation at the
moment, just coding, etc. And I'd like to avoid using MPLAB, I'd like to
keep that just for PIC work. So what do I do?

3) Are people for the most part satisfied with the chip and how well it


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2003\02\11@062131 by Wouter van Ooijen

face picon face
> site, and now I have a few questions.

FYI Jal does support the SX28, but it has been a long time ago that I
used my SXKey, SXBlitz or Fluffy. I have always been quite impressed
with the SX, particularly the speed!

Wouter van Ooijen

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