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PICList Thread
'[SX]: SXLIST CONTEST: March Winner: ROV'
2002\04\03@172526 by james

Ok, there was only one entry for March, so that was an easy contest. Of
course, there were only two entries in February...

...this isn't a real hard contest people! Easy to win some cool toys! Did I
mention that SX chips are pin compatible replacements for PIC 16C54's and
57's? Flash programmable? With ICD? Use MPLAB to develop? And they run at up
to 75 MIPS? 3.3v @ 50Mhz? 2.7v @ 32? See:

Now accepting entries for April.

MARCH Entries:
- John Coleman [jlsilicon
at] has entered his "ROV - Remote Operated Vehicle" entry with
game boy camera and motor controller circuits ready to add to the Ethernet
Demo board. His code looks ready to debug with the embedded web server and
will allow remote operation from any web browser! Just add an 811.12
wireless Ethernet adapter and John will have a true virtual presence from
the internet.

**** W I N N E R ****
Winner: John Coleman has one SV-TEHS SX DEBUG and an SX Ethernet
Demo on the way. That is a complete $350 development system with In Circuit
Debugging, an SX 52, a RealTec Embedded Ethernet Adapter, switches, lights,
connectors, etc.. on a board with prototyping space. EVERYTHING needed for
embedded development with your PC.

Februarys Winner was:
- Timothy Stranex
[perspex at] Digilight computer lighting controller.

Januarys Winner was:
- the Bindicator remote
display by Timothy L. Hosey


For the new year, my goal is to enable YOU to get involved in SX embedded
microcontroller development especially if:

* You have worked with other microcontrollers and are looking for something
- - a bit faster ( 50-75 MIPS Not just MHz, MIPS!),
- - lower power use in low speed modes,
- - where you can watch it run (on-chip ICD),
- - and crank out new solutions with the same hardware (virtual

* You have time but not necessarily money. Students, mature kids, hobbyists,
retired persons and devoted computer enthusiasts. SX processors are one of
the lowest cost systems to get started with where you actually get a
complete and professional development environment.

* You like to learn new things but don't necessarily know anything about
computers. There is no better way to learn than to just get started...

To make this happen, starting in January 2002:

- I will give away at least one development system a month to the most
deserving applicant (in my humble opinion) who has written an original SX
program and is ready to debug it.

- I will give away Ethernet SX Stack Evaluation Kits like the ones used in
the SX FAST EMBEDDED ETHERNET contest to anyone who presents me with source
code for an SX stack application that is ready to try on the internet.

- I will answer questions, provide resources and make suggestions as

What do you have to do?

Just check out the site at and then send me comments, questions, your ideas or
the one thing I REALLY want: CODE... SX code that needs a chip to run on and
a debugger to help clean it up.

James Newton, Host of
1-619-652-0593 VM 1-208-279-8767 FAX

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