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'[SX]: SASM bug? cse cnse error'
2003\06\08@211032 by Sculpture Student

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I have come across a problem that I just can't understand how it could be. I
am using SASM v1.48, I am programming my SX-28 (datecode:AC0308AA) with the
JPB-2 parallel port programmer and scenix2.exe to download.

The problem is with the CSE command. I've found that it does not skip
regardless of the arguments passed to it. The opposite is true of CSNE, it
skips no matter what.

Here is my test code. Have I missed something vital? Can someone else please
test this code for me?

;       sasmtest.src
       reset main
;DATA MEMORY ORG DEFINES --------------------------------------
       org     8
tmp1            DS      1       ; temporary variables
tmp2            DS      1       ; temporary variables
       org     0
       mov     M, #$0F         ; direction control
       mov     !RB, #$00
       mov     M, #$0E         ; pullup control
       mov     !RB, #$00
       clrb    RB.3
       clrb    RB.4

       mov     w, #1
       mov     tmp1, w
       cse     tmp1, #1        ; skip if tmp1==1
       setb    RB.4            ; this line should be skipped
       clrb    RB.4;
       mov     w, #1
       mov     tmp1, w
       cse     tmp1, #2        ; skip if tmp1==2
       setb    RB.3            ; this line should be executed
       clrb    RB.3
       jmp     :test1

output on CRO

RB.3 ___/\________/\_____
RB.4 _______/\________/\___

*both* CSE statements were executed.


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