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'[SX]: Parallax Assembler "lint" ???'
2001\11\14@045835 by Russell McMahon

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I'm using the Parallax assembler for SX processor but the following would
also apply
to PIC.

As is well known, when using Parallax's extended instructions, a skip
preceding such an
instruction will jump into the middle of the instruction. Obviously one
tries to avoid doing this but it can happen.

It would be nice if such an obviously unintended result would cause an
assembler error or, at least, a warning. It doesn't in the version I am
using. I am using the SXkey version 1.07 IDE. I'd change to a newer version
if it was known to address this but I suspect it doesn't. I could write a
program to check for this myself but surely others must have addressed this.
In the manual, Parallax basically say "be sure not to do this ".

Any thoughts?


                           Russell McMahon

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