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'[STAMPS] Accelerometer Project'
1997\06\27@232339 by Quentin Lewis

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-- [ From: Quentin Lewis * EMC.Ver #3.0 ] --

>  I built an accelerometer instrument for my airplane using a 16c84 as
> processor, an ADXL 50 as the sensor and a MAX chip as the A/D. It
> accelerations in the range -9 to +9 G in 0.5 G increments on a 7
segment LED.
> Everything worked well until installed in the airplane: the LED is not
> enough to be viewed in the sun!
>  I am thinking of using a LCD display like those found in cheap
calculators, as
> I only need to display numbers and it has to be small. The parts I
found in
> catalogs are all attached to an A/D. Anybody knows where to find such
a device
> or how to use the ones in the calculators? Any help will be greatly
> appreciated!

I know this is going to sound like a kludge....but what if you took one
of these cheap "give-away" calculators and simply replaced the press of
the buttons with output bits from the PIC or STAMP?

That is, you could "press" the buttons by connecting some sort of
"decoder" on stamp outputs, and wiring the outputs up in place of the
push-buttons. One of the outputs could be the Clear that
you could "clear" the display.

I told you it was a hack....but the display is essentially FREE!


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