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'[Re]: [EE]: eliminating hum in a DAW system.'
2003\05\06@080029 by Rick C.

Your problem is in the ground reference between the computer and the
sound board. You MUST electrically isolate the two grounds between the
units. The simplest way is a high quality balancing transformer. Your
easiest solution is a "direct box" available from almost any music
store. Ebay is infested with them too. About $25 each. Most direct boxes
have 1/4" thru jacks and an XLR mic connector and a ground lift switch.
The 1/8" output of the sound card to a 1/4" male plug to one of the
direct box 1/4" inputs, and a standard mic cable from the direct box to
a mic input on the mixer. No more hum! If you need stereo, a 1/8" stereo
plug split to two 1/4" jacks and a second direct box and mic cable to
another mixer input.


I seek the wisdom of this list.

I have set up a Digital Audio Recording system.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to how else I might eliminate the


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