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PICList Thread
'[RUSSELL] new tag ??'
2007\03\22@150144 by Steve Smith


But I didn't subscribe to this one only [OT] and [WOT]


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M. Adam Davis
Sent: 22 March 2007 13:21
To: Microcontroller discussion list - Public.
Subject: Re: [PIC] [ADMIN] A new topic tag has been added - [ARM]

The [RUSSELL] tag already exists.  Of course, only those who receive
every post from the list will get it, but I bet if you start using it
(and other tags) then others will and eventually they may become
official merely because a lot of people are using them.


2007\03\23@121250 by M. Adam Davis

face picon face
If you didn't receive this message:  Congratulations!  You aren't
subscribed to the [RUSSELL] tag!

If you did get this message, then you are subscribed to the [RUSSELL]
tag as well as any other non-official tags.  To unsubscribe, go to
your mailman control panel (see for modifying
subscription) and uncheck "untagged", and check every other tag you
want to receive.

Now let's see if Russell is subscribed to his own tag...

Would be interresting to see a breakdown of subscribers per tag.


On 3/22/07, Steve Smith <> wrote:
> But I didn't subscribe to this one only [OT] and [WOT]
> Steve.....
> {Original Message removed}

2007\03\23@221139 by Vasile Surducan

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On 3/22/07, Steve Smith <> wrote:

> The [RUSSELL] tag already exists.

I love this tag. This is one reason I'm on this list from 5 (or more?) years...

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