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'[Piclist] Re: ARGH HELP!: Jory's on it!'
1999\02\03@043600 by Mark Willis

Jory's going to look at it, folks.

 I'm not sure your guess is right or wrong, Dwayne (Not picking on you,
just commenting.)  The offender would have to "spoof" each poster -
pretend to be the poster and send the message back to the list
pretending to BE that poster.  Otherwise just that person bouncing the
messages would get the bounce messages...  MY guess - right, wrong, or
totally hallucinatory <G> - is some sort of loop in the incoming message
processing where the messages do not get properly deleted or something
(same symptoms, different cause.)  We'll see, when Jory finds the actual
cause & fixes it, what it actually was!


Dwayne Reid wrote:
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