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PICList Thread
'[PICS] Simulator vs. Actual'
1996\03\23@032109 by Andrew Warren

Rob Martin <> wrote:

> I know this is rather extensive but I know I must be missing
> something fundamental here or something.
> ....
> Once a signal occurs, the RTCC is started and the program goes back to
> sleep
> ....
> I used Parallax coding (mostly) and assembler to generate the object
> file. I also use the Parallax simulator to check to code out and it
> does exactly what I think it should do when I step through the
> instructions.  When I program the 16C71 and put it on the PIC proto
> board and change the level on on of the PortB pins, it acts nothing
> like I expect !
> Can somebody HELP !

   Sure, Rob, although I normally ignore messages containing code
   written with Parallax's assembler...

   The main problem with your code is that you expect RTCC/TMR0 to
   run while the processor's asleep.  It doesn't.

   There are LOTS of other issues, but they're sorta superfluous
   when compared to this one.


Andrew Warren -
Fast Forward Engineering, Vista, California

1996\03\25@090300 by Rob Martin

Actually, I know the RTCC does not interrupt while sleeping.  My intent is to
wake up the system with an interrupt from a pin on Port B and then start the
RTCC, and then reset the RTCC after a task is complete and go back to sleep.

Thanks, for looking into this.

At 12:21 AM 3/23/96 -0800, you wrote:
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Rob Martin
Association of American Railroads
Transportation Technology Center
Pueblo, CO 81001

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