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'[PICS] LCD interface'
1997\05\28@161506 by bennett

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part 0 78 bytes

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1997\05\29@130059 by Bruce Cannon

First double-check the wiring, be sure your wiring and the code agree on
interface mode (4 or 8 bits, hi or lo nybble, ect), then try the code from
one of the mchip app notes.  If it works compare code, if not try another
display unit.  I've had luck with mchip's app note code, parallax's app
note code, and CCS C compiler LCD driver.  I use a part called the LCD
Backpack by Scott Edwards Electronics to quickly test display modules, it
allows you to plug your module into it with a ribbon cable, then send rs232
data from PC, PIC, BASIC Stamp, whatever.  Very useful for eliminating
hardware problems.  He doesn't have a web site but Parallax sells them.
Bruce Cannon
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> From: Wayne Bennett (by way of Wayne Bennett <>)
> To:
> Subject: [PICS] LCD interface
> Date: Wednesday, May 28, 1997 1:02 PM
> Has any one had much success with interfacing the 16C74 with an
> LM016L).  I'm not sure if I've fried the display or have an error in code
> (attached). If any one is willing to share code or pseudo code I'd
> appreciate the help
> Thanks

'[PICS] LCD interface'
1997\06\02@182418 by Steve Smith
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I have used '84 to drive LM016 with no problems the code is easy to transport
Mail me with request and I will send code segments which work 8 data bits E
and RS lcd is permantly in read mode. There are few constraints except text
should not exceed one half of a page of rom.

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