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PICList Thread
'[PICS]: Re: Windows vs Linux'
2000\05\31@091109 by Andrew Kunz

HiTech also has a Linux distribution of the PICC compiler, I understand.


Ries van Twisk <spam_OUTriesTakeThisOuTspamFRANKSINTL.NL> on 05/31/2000 08:40:26 AM

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cc:      (bcc: Andrew Kunz/TDI_NOTES)

Subject: Re: Windows vs Linux


I'm not familair yet window developing PIC software on a Linux box.
I do now that the C2C compiler is compatible with Linux. And I
guess programming a PIC from a Linux box is posible to.

That one thing I can say is that Linux is robust. My servers here ans
at company runs smothly (only one real crash because I run out of
temporary disk space). At home it never crached and my laptop
never crashed.
I use the Debian distributions (slink).


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