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PICList Thread
'[PICList] Mini-FAQ, Revised Aug. 28, 1999 (Pre-Dra'
1999\08\29@133332 by Mark Willis

Well, found a copy of this, before mods & so forth.

It needs some serious work!  This is a PRE-Draft, not the real thing <G>

BTW, folks:  I will be changing my e-mail address by the 31st, to
<>.  I'm moving 30 miles SE of here, and NWLink
doesn't have a local modem line in Enumclaw.  Should be a nice, serene
place to live.  That new account's active now, BUT, I'm not downloading
e-mail from that account (quite yet.)  I probably will create a second
e-mail address to subscribe to the list from, and use that address for
Admin purposes.

Here's the draft, somewhat edited:

---  Begin  ---

There one ways that works to get off the list.  DO NOT post to the
list.  This might get you off, but is the worst way to do it; A post to
the list goes to all subscribers, is VERY slow and gets everyone angry
with you.  If Jory & Mark miss seeing it (and they may not read all
of every post, and may occasionally take a day off), you don't get off
the list.

The best, fastest way is to post to:


from the address at which you are subscribed containing nothing but

unsubscribe PICList

in the first line of the message, from the address at which you are
subscribed.  This is automatically executed and is the fastest method.
The message must contain the exact words "unsubscribe PICList", no
other spelling works.  You'll get a confirmation e-mail, with directions
on how to confirm (Basically: just reply with the word "ok" in the
body), and you'll be off the list.

 If you are trying to unsubscribe from an address different from the
one you subscribed from, probably best to send an e-mail to
<.....PICList-RequestKILLspamspam.....MITVMA.MIT.EDU> (E-Mail to that address is copied to
all of the list admins), and clearly ask to have your OLD address
unsubscribed.  I cc my response to your old & new addresses (As a
courtesy), and if I'm not here Jory can catch you, this way.

 If you have difficulties, or do not understand what to do, send an
e-mail message to <EraseMEPICList-Requestspam_OUTspamTakeThisOuTMITVMA.MIT.EDU>, and one of us will
try to help you.  Do tell us you want help with the PICList as we both
are on / run more than one list!


 This list is for the specific purpose of providing a forum about the
use, learning about, safety with, and enjoyment of MicroChip PICs. Other
support "Glue" chips are acceptable off-topic subjects, to some extent.

 Commercial posts, flaming, spamming, virus warnings, etc. do not
belong in this mailing list, and posting same could result in our
removing you from the list.  Humor happens here, and is welcome so long
as it doesn't result in bodily harm from too many list readers falling
out of their chairs, and so long as it's kept in reasonable bounds.
Humor isn't the purpose of the list, but the good laugh provided
(relevant to PICs especially) is very welcome on occasion!  (At the same
time, too much of a good thing, is too much.)

 Posting messages to the list is restricted to subscribers, who are
defined as anyone posting with a logon name and address identical to one
in the list of subscribers.  You cannot post to the list either from a
different address or if you are unsubscribed.

 [For more information about this mailing list, post to:


with the text


in the first line of your message.  Also read, Tjaart's handy web page.
Also, see the Archives at]

 This Mini-FAQ is posted by Mark Willis monthly (early in the month),
to help Jory out.  Suggested updates or changes, Post to:


 Mark will post this with this EXACT same title [unless revised, then
the revision date will change] to help keep the list uncluttered with
"unsubscribe" requests, and will e-mail it to anyone on request.

---  End  ---

 Changing to <spamBeGonemwillisspamBeGonespamFoxInternet.Net> in just a few days!

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