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PICList Thread
'[PICLIST] new rules req'ed [OT]: What's wrong with'
2001\09\16@061512 by Dmitry Kiryashov

Hi James.  I think it's time to change rules. I have few suggestions.

All people who post spam should be warned first. 2nd step is tempora-
-rily disable them from posting if warning doesn't work.  Restricted
person cannot post more then two messages a day and every message is
no more than 10 lines.  Every restricted person message that doesn't
obey  this rule  is simply rejected from posting. I think week is ok
to recover that person for posting again. Actually I think we should
restrict message sizes for anybody, there is no reason to attach big
files  even  for regular  members,  simple link to web or ftp can be
posted. Lets say no more than 10Kbytes in one message.  This is huge
size for text information.

There is no reason either to quote all original text and write couple
of own comments on the top or bottom.  This  should be  classified as
spam.  Any  messages  that some person  just replied  like "I agreed"
without giving any useful info should be classified as spam too.

If warnings don't work several times person should be removed.

All newcomers should have restricted ability to post. i.e. few messa-
-ges a day no longer than 10 lines of text for instance. If somebody
really interested  to get  an answer and he/she already did searched
through  internet  for answers  he/she will be able to briefly ask a
question.  If person  doesn't understand  what he/she is looking for
there is no reason for post at all.  One week is enough time to give
an access to newcomer to be regular member.

Bob and Scott are right, this is technical list, I haven't left it
yet but I cannot read it already because of amount of spam flowing
through.. I'm loosing bright topics in that mess..

I don't like a special TAGs in subject either. I do not post because
of them too.

No political stuff,  no religious stuff.  We are all sorry about last
tragedy and I'm living close to twins but PICLIST isn't a right place
to discuss a questions like that.  This is technical list,  it is not
a chat, people contributed money to it to discuss and solve technical
questions, to share good ideas.  What a "nice idea" afterall to flood
it with all that information that TV is "supplying" us more than enough.

No more multiple tag lines on the bottom. Just one is ok, with brief
info about web site or telephone or any other contacts but no pseudo
graphics, no huge pictures and drawings attached.

Somebody else probably can correct me or put couple more ideas.

WBR Dmitry.

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2001\09\16@062643 by Justin Fielding

I think there should be no OT posts allowed.  I like this list as a
PIC/Electronics list and it proves both interesting and informative but as
an OT list it sucks, maybe you guys who like discussing OT politics should
join the yahoogroups politics group?  It certainly has some better, less
emotionally driven discussions.


{Original Message removed}

2001\09\16@123016 by todd baltes

picon face
Hi james, I like the [OT]: tags  they provide a place
for subjects that don't fit the more specific tags.
The [OT]: mail can be filtered out for those that
don't want it.

BUT the rules need to prevent the use of   Re:  since
this over rides the tag filter.  Can all posts that
begin with Re: be rejected?

Yes i did use the Re: tag i just complained about,


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-- hint: The PICList is archived three different
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