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'[PICLIST] looking for DC-servo-motor control'
2000\11\04@035625 by Rob Sanders

I wonder if anybody has experience with dc-servo-motor control using a PIC ?

I have some DC servo motors from 'Universal Magnetics' that I would like to
rotate at exactly 25 RPS. The motors are equipped with a 400-segment
tacho-disk, that can be used to measure the movement of the motor.  
I know that there's a Microchip Application note that's working with a
PIC17C42, thats rather complex in approach (but with *very* good results).

As I have only a 16F84 programming tool at my home (it's a hobby project) ,
I wonder if somebody has done something alike with the 16F84 (using only
8-bits tmr0/ctr I suppose)?



PE1JFZ is:           email :
Rob Sanders          qrv   : 145.475 MHz nbfm
Prunellapad 17       5643 BW Eindhoven
The Netherlands    
51°25'22" N 05°29'47" E


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2000\11\07@061710 by Mark Hull

Hi Rob

There is an older Microchip App note AN531 "Intelligent remote positioner" that I have tried.
It is a PID type control and it's implemented on an old 16C54, so an '84 should be fine.

Mark Hull
EMS (Africa) (Pty) Ltd
PO Box 1026, Melville, 2109, South Africa
Ph +27 11 482 4470 Fax +27 11 726 2552

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