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PICList Thread
'[PICLIST] home brew icd'
2001\03\04@185227 by Jake Tweenie

Hi have built home made icd got problems.
wonder if anybody who has got one working would mind giving me some info if you could reply to following email thanks
Paul Erkiert

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'[PICLIST] [re]: home brew ICD problems'
2001\03\05@152013 by Jake Tweenie

Hi I am having problems with a home brew ICD the charge pump is only pusing about 6v into the regulator! without the reg in its nearly 50v so seems ok and i have dc checked using a wallwart into the reg and get vpp ok but self test under mplab fails , and I have seen that using a dc psu does not work (snail site) The 330 uH I used was from Digi-Key (M7843-ND)as per
looks pretty small like a 1/4 watt resistor got the orange orange brown
gold marking
I wonder if anyone has any ideas?
please reply to email in sig
ps sorry for mis tagged post before
Paul Erkiert

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