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'[PICLIST] To day the PC-IBM have just 19 years old'
2000\08\11@025012 by Leo

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Hi friends PICer.

I know this is just a little OT but I would like spend some word about the
IBM PC bird date. That little computer that have changed the world!

The 11 August of 1981 the IBM (at that time I 'm working at IBM) formerly
was announcing the IBM Personal Computer based on a new and more powered 16
bit internal structure and 8 bit external I/O bus microprocessor from the
INTEL, the 8088. This microprocessor is working at the incredible fast speed
of 4.77 Mhz.
Is mass memory was a tape cassette "stereo 7" and was introduced the new
little floppy disk of 5,1/4 inch at the incredible capacity of 120 Kbytes.
The Main memory is 16 Kilobytes as base confiburation expandable at the
incredible amountoof 544 Kilobytes.
This incredible powerd machine have build in the BASICA interpreter.
Was also inroduced the IBM PCDOS (builded from a very little company called

That just 19 years ago. ;-)

What will happen in 2019??

And our PIC??


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