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'[EE]: Sealed keypad source.'
2002\05\28@130022 by smerchock, Steve


I need a source for a keypad, prefered is sealed membrane,
that is a 4X4 or 5X5. I looked at Digikey, Newark, Jameco,
Mouser, MPJA, MECI and JDR. The unit that I found at digikey
(CKN6011-ND) has been obsoleted. I need the following symbols:
0-9, -->, <--, (or up / down arrows) a decimal point and "ENTER".
Price would be between $20-$30 dollars US in small quantity.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Steven Kosmerchock
Radio Frequency Systems
Phoenix,  Arizona  USA

"Great spirits have always encountered violent
oppposition from mediocre minds."--A.Einstein

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2002\05\28@132731 by Pic Dude

Try some of the enclosure manufacturers such as PacTec,
Serpac, Xbox, EAI, etc.  I know some of them make these


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2002\05\28@163533 by Thomas McGahee


I have available 20 NEW keypads that are 4x4 units about
2.5x3 inches. Sealed membrane keypads made by Grayhill.
The keypad is arranged as follows:

7 8 9 A
4 5 6 B
1 2 3 C
E 0 F D

where :
0 thru 9 are white on gray
(7 has word RAS under it)
(3 has word PRGM under it)
A = a LARGE arrow aiming UP. White on RED
B = a LARGE arrow aiming DOWN. White on RED
C = RUN. White on RED
D = ENT. White on RED
E = LOAD. White on BLUE
F = CLR. White on BLUE

There is no decimal point, however.  You could
use one of the blue keys as a decimal point if you
needed to.

I will sell you (or anyone else) all 20 for $100 and I will
pay the shipping within the USA. Outside the USA add
$20 for shipping.

Fr. Thomas McGahee

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2002\05\29@013425 by Bob Ammerman

picon face
bgmicro has  a pretty nice one for the price ($4.95). It is membrane, and
self adhesive. I believe they call it their 'experimenters keypad'. It is
their item ACS1048.

Look at:

(watch out for URL wrap above!)

The picture on the web shows what looks like hand-drawn arrows and the word
DEL on the second row from the bottom. On the two I have these buttons are
machine printed as:

<---   DEL   --->

And are as neatly done as the other keys.

They have a 10 pin connector (female, single row, 0.1 spacing, fits over
0.025 sq in posts,  but I'm not sure of the exact matrix arrangement.

Background of keypad is black. All keys have white lettering.

Background of keys 0..9 and A..F is red.

Background of F0, F1, F2 and F3 is green.

Background of arrows, DEL, SPACE and ENTER is blue.

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems

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