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'[PICLIST] Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries - WAS Re:'
2000\09\08@081325 by Andy Howard

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I'm with you on this Mark.

Sealed Lead-Acid batteries are a good choice for a lot of applications where
weight isn't the major consideration. They're available in handy voltages,
have low self-discharge, are easy to use, have great shelf/standby life and
are very forgiving - within reason :> .

This might be a good point to mention that most makers have two ranges of
SLA batteries, one for standby use/trickle charging such as are used to
back-up alarm panels etc. - and one designed for deep discharge/charge
cycles e.g. for motorised devices, lamps etc.

IME using the deep-cycle type for float applications is OK but the float
types don't seem to like the heavy charge/discharge cycles and have a
shortened life in this kind of application.

Also SLAs, like all lead-acid cells, need to be recharged promptly and also
stored fully charged otherwise they fade away quite rapidly and won't take a
charge. Close attention to the charging specs pays off in increased life.

One thing I discovered in the specs is that the cycle life of the battery is
inversely proportional to the depth of discharge, e.g. one manufacturer
specs their battery to give 330 times rated capacity over its life. So if
you discharge by only 10% the life will be (approx) 5 times more than if you
discharge 50%. The opposite of how NiCads like to be treated in fact.


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