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'[PICLIST] Re [PIC]: 16-bit to ASCII assembler erro'
2002\05\06@031041 by Jinx

face picon face
> > 690 : sublw   (10000>>8)+1  Argument out of range.
> > Least significant bits used.
> sublw   low     ((10000>>8)+1)

I tried that using the variable LO and you get a "Missing
operator" error

> > 694 : output(temp)  Found label after column 1. (OUTPUT)
> means output temp variable somewhere

I have a variable called "temp" - "output" is what it objects to

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2002\05\06@032534 by John Dammeyer

Hello Jinx,

Odds are the assembler is complaining about a 16 bit expression being
used when an 8 bit expression is expected.

Since 10,000 in decimal is 0x2710 why not just do the 0x10+1 (i.e.0x11)
and be done with it.

John Dammeyer

Wireless CAN with the CANRF module.
Automation Artisans Inc.
Ph. 1 250 544 4950

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