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'[PICLIST] Re [OT]:N machines'
2001\01\26@174514 by Jinx

face picon face
>Has anyone practical experience of de Palma's over-unity
>motors/generators ? I was given construction details of one
>some time ago and impressed at the apparent simplicity (if it
>actually works)

..which of course it doesn't

That is such a pity (hey wait, you're not a suppresionist are you,
a man in black ?). Especially with magnetism all around us, and
on a scale of Earth vs The Universe a potentially inexhaustible
energy source

I agree with Roman's label of "hippy" re these things. They
have almost cult status and some of the literature is just about
unreadable because of the jargon. I'm a fence-sitter with my
legs dangling on the "sceptic" side. But can bet your boots if
there is anything to claims of super-efficient energy sources
the military are on to it. Dare I mention electrostatic propulsion
or anti-gravity ?

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