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'[PICLIST] Proteus 5.1 Lite with PIC bundle'
2000\11\23@091917 by Levent GULER

Are there any body using Proteus 5.1 Lite with PIC Bundle? There is a PIC simulator in this program. It simulates the use of 7 Segment Displays, LCDs, Keypads, Buttons controlled with PIC. Is it worth to use?
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2000\11\27@105219 by Ken Godee

I use this program for many purposes, including designing with the
pic bundle. It works great! I've designed with multi pics, keypads,
LCDs all running at the same time. It can save lots of time if you
are tinkering vs bread boarding. If you buy the Lite PIC Bundle it's
only around $130.00, not bad for all it does, Circuit simulation
(including pic's/scope/Data logger)/ Schematic Design / PCB
Layout . The only thing that would be nice is if they brought out
more PIC modules. I think this program is very cool and have
wondered why it has not been mentioned much on this list. I've
checked out many circuit sim's (all I could find) and since this one
offers a "Lite" version at a reasonable price and includes pic
modules, I couldn't find anything close. If you do let me know.

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