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'[PICLIST] PIC12C67X, help'
2000\11\02@115850 by Roberto Casas

picon face
Hello, I'm trying to program a PIC12C671 and I've a question:

I4m working whit mplab and i`m not able to use any port of the chip as input
or output
The asinchronous stimulus dont responds me.

My Init routine is:

       clrf GPIO
       movlw B'00001111' ; GP3,GP2,GP1,GP0 are inputs; GP4, GP5 are outputs
       tris GPIO  ; Set the tri-state buffers

Has this PIC any special features?

I dont know what to do,Thanks
Roberto Casas

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2000\11\02@120144 by rchock, Steve


The PIC12C671 has A/D ports.
Make sure they are set for Digital I/O.
This one got me a few months ago!

Best of luck!

Steven Kosmerchock
Radio Frequency Systems
Phoenix,  Arizona  USA

"Great spirits have always encountered violent
oppposition from mediocre minds."--A.Einstein

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