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'[PICLIST] PIC-O- Botboards docos'
2001\05\30@143903 by Lawrence Lile


Here's some erratta for you - just started slapping down components today!
So far no showstoppers, just annoying little things:

1.  On the Schematic, the Serial EEprom U7 is listed as U4.  There are two
U4's, the eeprom and the L293D.

2.  The hole for the heatsink tab of the 7805 doesn't line up with the case
very well, had to redrill it.   A cheap trick:  You can suck more heat out
of a 7805 by putting copper areas on both sides of the board, and putting a
few plated through holes under the component.  They will conduct a
surprising amout of heat.  There is room for this, and you can never have
enough heat sink.

I'll keep you posted on any other gotchas I find.

Generally, documentation is complete and accurate.  Some other general

The dot-matrix printed schematics are hard on the eyes, in this jaded age of
perfect laserprints.  This is probably a function of your software.  Some of
the components are a little hard to make out in the schematic, just because
I'm not used to the symbols.  Not a giant problem.

In the pictorial view, the dot matrix printing is also hard on the eyes.  My
own preference is to take pains to make the picture of the part really look
like the part, and a lot of the pictures look kinda boxy.  This may also be
a limitation of the software you are using, and is also not a big deal.

On the pictorial view, I went through and labeled the IC's with the actual
part type , i.e. U3 = L293, so that I can keep them straight.  This might be
something to add to help the builder.

It would be really cool if there was a silkscreen layer with outlines for
components and component designations.  If I had thought about this I would
have printed off the pictorial view to scale and pasted it onto the board,
for a homemade silkscreen layer.  I'm sure adding a silkscreen layer would
affect the cost, maybe too much?

Having lots of fun with it!

-- Lawrence Lile

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2001\05\31@131617 by Lawrence Lile

Pic-O-Botboard URL:

I'm Building one now to go in my mowbot.

-- Lawrence Lile

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